10418417 704809569599735 4898921514189973139 nAndrianna Hopkins is the go-to intuitive handcrafted beaded jewellery designer who provides insights and stylish jewellery to spiritual people wanting to balance their energy naturally by connecting with the healing properties of crystals.

Whether it's concerns about health issues, a need to clear chakra blockages, attracting love and abundance, protection against psychic attacks, or balancing emotions, Andrianna will empower you to select a jewellery piece to suit your personal needs.

As an Intuitive, a handcrafted beaded jewellery designer, and a reiki master, Andrianna uses her experience to help her clients feel balanced and back in sync from her loving energy through her jewellery pieces made with high-quality materials.

If you are looking for an alternative method for healing or to balance your energy with crystals. Now is the time to connect with the healing abilities of crystal jewellery made by an intuitive handcrafted beaded jewellery designer.

 Andrianna's Story 

Hello!  My name is Andrianna Hopkins and I am based in Sydney, Australia.  Being a single mother of an autistic child with not much support, I found myself wondering what I can do to earn an income and also be there for my son.In November 2007, I went on an adventure with my son who was 5 ½ yrs old at the time and drove to Adelaide.While we were there we stumbled across a crystal shop and I saw some beautiful jewellery made out of semi precious gemstones.There was a glass display cabinet that had some findings to make the jewellery and it was there that the thought first crossed my mind about making jewellery.

After we left the shop we walked to the beach and there we found shells with holes in them. “I could make shell necklaces out of these,” I thought. It somehow felt the universe was leading me on this path. When we returned to Sydney the urge to make jewellery grew stronger and so I started taking classes as well as doing some research. It wasn’t long before friends were asking me to make them jewellery, some of which went to the UK, Canada and USA.


In August 2009 I officially started my business and now my online shop is the next stage of my journey. I hope you enjoy my jewellery designs as much as I enjoyed making them.